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      Directions to our facility

  • From Eugene take Highway 5 south to Oregon Highway 58. This is exit 188A to Oakridge/Klamath Falls.
  • Go appox. 6 miles through Pleasant Hill (the city's 45 mph speed limit is sporadically yet rigorously enforced) and past the Parkway Road junction (which goes to Jasper/Springfield).
  • Look for the Pheasant Ln. sign on the right and take the immediate left turn.
  • At the first intersection (800 feet from Hwy 58) go right onto Immigrant Road.
  • As Immigrant curves slightly to the right, there will be a group of mail boxes on the left.
  • Turn left in front of the mail boxes onto the gravel road and take the left fork of the gravel road.
  • Proceed at 10 mph for about 1,000 feet and look for parking by the gray barn or yellow parking bumpers.

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